ISRHML Membership

Full Memberships

Full membership consists of 2 categories (please see by-laws):

  1. Investigators who have a doctoral degree or equivalent experience, and at least two publications in peer-reviewed journals in the field of human milk or lactation.
  2. Professionals who hold policy-making positions that pertain to human lactation and have at least 2 publications that pertain to public policy decisions regarding human lactation, infant feeding, or a closely related area.

Associate Memberships

Associate Membership is open to individuals with at least a baccalaureate degree or equivalent who specialize in research, education, or clinical practice related to human milk or lactation. Associate members receive all correspondences sent to the full membership of the Society, but associate members do not have voting privileges. When associate members have met the requirements of full membership, they may request full membership status.

Trainee Memberships

Trainee membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are participating in research related to human milk/breastfeeding or lactation.

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High-income economies

Full membership – $100
Associate membership – $75
Trainee membership – $35

Upper-middle-income and lower-middle-income economies

Full membership – $25
Associate membership – $20
Trainee membership – waived

Low-income economies

Full membership – waived
Associate membership – waived
Trainee membership – waived

*Please note fees are in US dollars

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The Society recognizes four categories of membership:

  • Full Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Emeritus Membership
  • Trainee Membership

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