Past Officers

2016 Bode Donovan Geddes McGuire Perez-Escamilla
2015 Perez-Escamilla Bode Geddes McGuire Meier
2014 Perez-Escamilla Bode McGuire Meier
2013 Meier  Perez-Escamilla McGuire Hartmann
2012 Meier Perez-Escamilla McGuire Hartmann
2011 Hartmann Meier McGuire Morrow
2010 Hartmann Meier McGuire Morrow
2009 Morrow Hartmann Greer Dewey
2008 Morrow Hartmann Greer Dewey
2007 Dewey Morrow Greer Michaelsen
2006 Dewey Morrow Greer Michaelsen
2005 Michaelsen Dewey Greer Rasmussen
2004 Michaelsen Dewey Greer Rasmussen
2003 Rasmussen Michaelsen Greer Schanler
2002 Rasmussen Michaelsen Greer Schanler
2001 Schanler Rasmussen Greer Villalpando
2000 Schanler Rasmussen Greer Villalpando
1999 Villalpando Schanler Greer Goldman
1998 Villalpando Schanler Greer Goldman
1997 Goldman Villalpando Lawrence Picciano
1996 Goldman Villalpando Lawrence Picciano
1995 Picciano Goldman Lawrence Garza
1994 Picciano Goldman Goldman Garza
1993 Garza Picciano Goldman Hambreaus
1992 Garza Picciano Butte Hambreaus
1991 Hambreaus Garza Butte Hamosh
1990 Hambreaus Garza Dewey Hamosh
1989 Hamosh Hambreaus Dewey
1988 Hamosh Hambreaus Dewey

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